Pros and Cons of All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

All-inclusive wedding packages can be a fantastic way to ensure that you have all the steps covered for your big day, but they can also be tricky and limiting. Here we’ll take a peek at a few of the pros and cons of using all-inclusive packages for your Maryland wedding.

Pros of All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

Everything’s included! Duh. All-inclusive means everything is there and ready for you. These  package deals take care of everything down to the little details so you don’t have to do so. This will leave more time for you to work on invitations and other pre-wedding day tasks.

Other people do much of the work for you. You still get to have input on things (the cake, colors, decorations, food, etc.), but the company then does the leg work. Boom. Weddings made simple.

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An all-inclusive package lets the professionals work their magic. Getting a package deal that has it all allows wedding vendors to do what they do best (you’re included in this, especially if what you do best has nothing to do with actually setting up a wedding).  Most times, it’s best to leave the cakes to the bakers and the flowers to the florists and so forth, so go for that package deal that let’s everyone showoff their skills.

Cons of All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

All-inclusive packages can be costly. As things are included and much of the work is done by other people, these packages can get expensive. Most couples have wedding budgets (a very smart and essential idea really) and all-inclusive packages might be tough to work into that budget of smaller proportions.

You are entrusting your wedding to a bunch of strangers. Yikes! This may be one of the biggest reasons some couples choose to forgo the idea of all-inclusive package deals. If your wedding is one of the most important days of your life to you, it might be difficult to feel comfortable having others do everything. Also, it might be difficult for those of you with strong, in-charge personalities to give up the control over every detail.

Contracts can be tricky business. Be vigilant of the details of your contract especially when it comes to special orders or needs. First and foremost though, make sure you and your company sign a contract! Things need to be in writing so that everyone clearly knows what is expected. While all-inclusive packages generally include everything, they may not include special items. For example, if you get married at a plantation in the South in the spring, many places will give you a list of what flowers are in bloom from which you can choose. However, if you want a specific type of flower that is not available, you may have to pay the company extra to provide them or go outside of the company and provide the flowers on your own. Know your contract and what exactly is included, so you know who has to do what for your big day.

There’s a lot of information to weigh in terms of all-inclusive packages, but it’s essential to measure these pros and cons (as well as any others you think up) to determine whether or not a package deal is right for you. Tip:  Write down a list of what looks good and what doesn’t so that you can actually see if a package deal is the best way to go for your big day.

This is a guest post from Sarai Garnett who believes that each day brings promise for great experiences and is the perfect excuse to do something creative. Holding a B.A. in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, Sarai loves sharing tales, tips and tricks, and good laughs. Sarai is also a contributing writer for Suite101, as well  as the Harrisburg Culinary Travel Examiner for the Examiner.


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