How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

The key to writing your own wedding vows is simple: Ideas, ideas, ideas. You probably have had a ton of ideas going through your head as you thought about writing them, but then you forgot what they were when the moment presented itself. Writer’s block is something we all suffer from, but there are quite a few surefire ways to override it.

One of the main methods to overcoming writer’s block takes place before the writing actually happens. The key here is preparation – whenever you have an idea, write it down. Not only will you be able to refer to this later, but this will also embed the idea in your head even more. So next time you randomly think of an awesome tear-jerker make sure you write that idea down! Or heck, most mobile devices and smart phones have some sort of recording app on them, feel free to use one of those as well.

Another step to help you with your preparation is brain storming. You probably aren’t going to randomly come up with an organization for your vows while you’re writing them, so it’s best to throw your ideas on paper and organize them before you start writing the real deal. If you already have a list of ideas you came up with at random points during the day, this should make things way easier on you.

Consulting your fiance is never a bad idea depending on the situation. Some couples prefer not to disclose anything about their wedding vows until the big day, but others may be more open about it. If you can discuss your vows with your partner, then making sure that you two are on the same page can actually go a long way in helping both of you.

The most important thing is to be truthful. That may seem extremely cheesy at first but it fits perfectly. Some people try way too hard to make it sound either cute or “inspirational.” If your vow does not sound like it was written by you, then you may as well be reading off of what someone else wrote. Your vow is your work, and you should treat it as such. What makes writing your own vows so unique is the fact that you’re writing them, so make it sound as honest and raw as you possibly can – Speak from the heart.

Using these tips you should have no problem writing wedding vows. I cannot stress enough how important it is to write as realistically as possible and making sure it actually sounds like you. Need inspiration? Read through dozens of marriage quotes from people who have been there before.


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